This site is run by Clare Brooksbank, an Ashtanga Yoga teacher based in Derby.

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Ashtanga Yoga titleClare Brooksbank Yoga Teacher

Clare has had an interest in alternative therapies since her teens and has studied various nutritional therapies such as macrobiotics, herbal medicine and naturopathy. This interest in health lead her to India in the pursuit of knowledge of yoga.

In her first trip to India in 1993 Clare began her studies of yoga . It was during her second trip in 1994 that she was first introduced to Ashtanga yoga. On her return to Britain in 1995 she made contact with Derek Ireland (who was the first person to teach Ashtanga yoga in Britain) and studied intensively with him whilst working in his centre the Practise Place in Crete. In 1997 Clare completed a teacher training course with Derek in India and he remained her primary teacher and inspiration until his death in 1998. She has since studied with some of the most respected Ashtanga teachers including John Scott, Gingi Lee, Michaela Clarke and David Williams. She has also extended her understanding of yoga through study with teachers of other schools of Hatha yoga including the Satyanander school.

It was whilst studying at various classes and workshops in London during 1999 that Clare began to give private classes to students in London. She continued teaching in London until 2001 when she moved to Derby and became the first resident teacher of Ashtanga yoga in the city.

Derek Ireland

Derek Ireland 1Derek Ireland was a pioneer of Ashtanga Yoga and was responsible for bringing Ashtanga Yoga to the UK. Derek died in 1998 but is still revered throughout the world for his teaching and has trained and inspired many of todays great Ashtanga teachers, including John Scott, Hamish Hendry,Kristina Karitinou,Gingi Lee, Michaela Clarke and Brian Cooper .

Derek Ireland 2A fantastically charismatic and dedicated teacher, Derek had an approach to Ashtanga that was exciting. He was always fully involved in his students practise and never judged you on your capabilities but expected and inspired full commitment. He threw himself at life and lived it to the full. He was awesome and inspiring, never dull and I personally will always feel a sad loss and miss his warmth and energy.

John Scott

John Scott 1While on the Greek island of Skiros, John Scott was first introduced to Ashtanga through the teachings of Derek Ireland. John was struck by the life force in Derek's practice saying, 'He inspired me with his persona, energy, inner beauty, and enthusiasm. He opened the door to yoga for me'. John first visited Pattabhi Jois in Mysore in 1989 for 3 months.

John Scot 2John now has many years of dedicated practice and teaching behind him and this is clearly demonstrated in his encouraging and inspired teaching. He is one of England's most popular Ashtanga teachers. His wife Lucy assists John, providing very skilled adjustments and instruction. John & Lucy have now relocated to New Zealand, where they have started up a retreat centre. John is still leading workshops worldwide. His teaching is inspired, always original and fresh in approach and this and his lovely warm and personal approach to his students is what for me makes him my favourite teacher after Derek. Of course there is also the outstanding beauty of his personal practise outwardly showing the grace and strength of a accomplished gymnast or ballet dancer. Check out his DVD for inspiration and a great tool for learning.